Introducing the EDC35 Tactical EDC Flashlight

NITECORE has unveiled its pinnacle year-end creation, the Tactical EDC Flashlight EDC35, elevating performance and user satisfaction to new heights.

At its core lies the UHi 40 MAX LED, a pioneering innovation in portable lighting technology. This meticulously engineered unit boasts a multi-core integrated design, featuring a small yet potent main core augmented by 8 auxiliary cores, all housed within a single LED. Employing UHi Fusion packaging technology, it delivers unparalleled long-range coverage, extreme brightness, and seamless transition between spotlight and floodlight functionalities. Enhanced by Supreme White Color Consistency processing, it emits a pristine and gentle white light.

The EDC35 introduces the groundbreaking LUMIN SHIELD™, a 5000-lumen beacon of protection activated during nighttime emergencies. Coordinating 9 LED cores, it swiftly erects a formidable “light wall,” akin to a shield, offering unparalleled self-defense capabilities. With a simple press and hold of the Tactical Tail Button, users can unleash the LUMIN SHIELD™ for instant protection, ensuring safety in any situation.

Furthermore, the EDC35 pioneers Tactical SEARCH Mode, empowering users with a 3000-lumen main core output capable of illuminating distances of up to 550 meters. Its versatility rivals that of mid-size flashlights, ensuring reliable performance in various scenarios.

The innovative Rapid Lock™ mechanism revolutionizes operation, enabling swift access to Full Lockout Mode and Half Lockout Mode with a single switch. This intuitive design ensures no accidental activations, enhancing safety during storage or everyday carry. Crafted in collaboration with industry partners, the EDC35 features a cutting-edge 6000mAh 21700 Li-ion battery, offering unparalleled energy density and doubling the backup power compared to conventional batteries.

Constructed from military-grade 7000 series aluminum, the EDC35 boasts exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Its ergonomic design, complemented by a textured finish, provides a secure grip even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the flashlight includes a Deep Carry Pocket Clip and high-quality 550 paracord for convenient storage and quick access.

Incorporating advanced features such as a cyclone-inspired bezel and a Tactical Holster with sensor protection, the EDC35 exemplifies NITECORE’s commitment to excellence, balancing defense, aesthetics, and portability in a single, indispensable tool.

Nitecore EDC35

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