Adventure Pro Zone is an online retailer for professional survival gear, flashlights, knives, as well as other outdoors equipment and accessories. Our online store is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS compliance) and is run by a small family from Maple, Ontario, Canada. Our family members are outdoors sports enthusiasts and we enjoy hunting and camping in Ontario’s wilderness up north.

Being avid outdoors men and women, we invest time into thoroughly evaluating survival gear and outdoors equipment in real wilderness in order to provide accurate feedback and reviews for our primary survival equipment suppliers. It is our goal to find and sell only the finest quality products that serve as an asset when exploring wilderness, camping, hiking, and hunting.

Some of our primary suppliers manufacture and assemble the best quality Aviation, Wilderness and Personal Survival products for the community, the United States Military, and even numerous federal government agencies, including: NASA, CIA, ICE, FBI, and State Department.

Whether you are looking to survive in the wilderness or simply enjoy the great outdoors, we have a large selection of top quality professional gear that you do need. We know the products we sell because we use them ourselves, and they are proven not to fail.

Being a privately owned small business organization, we strive for quality service.

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Toll Free: 1-844-PRO-MALL / 1-844-776-6255

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