About Survival Emergency Food Bars and Rations

Learn how to use ration bars properly. It’s important to know that ration bars are not the same as protein survival food bars. The concept behind ration bars is that they are non-thirst provoking, which is a necessary feature for a survival situation with little or no water supply. Ration bars provide a minimum caloric intake for survival and are rationed to break apart to give a specific daily allotment. Some manufacturers offer bars with calories intended to eat twice daily, while others offer the calories for the day spread out into three different bars.

Specifically formulated for disaster victims, all the bars include an optimum balance of salt, carbohydrates, protein, fat and many offer these bars enriched with the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

Reasons to include ration bars in your food storage plan:

Non-thirst provoking. If the calamity you’re facing has limitations on water, then these are ideal for storage.
Compact. Including them in your bugout bag is a personal choice as they are extremely heavy.
Ready to eat. Ration bars require no heating or cooking — just open up and eat.
Kids like them. Your kids will eat ration bars in an emergency because it’s like a cookie.
Long lasting. Ration bars will last five years without going rancid. They will actually last much longer, but manufacturers put expiration dates on them to guarantee flavour and ensure potency of the nutrition which may degrade over time.
Withstand wide temperature extremes. Ration bars will take extreme heat and cold of -40° F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C), making them ideal to stash in your vehicles:
Looking for an affordable and long-lasting disaster preparedness food? Gear up for emergencies with S.O.S. survival rations, Millennium energy bars and 125ml emergency water rations. With a five-year shelf life and an affordable cost, these wafers and bars are the perfect emergency food rations. You may stash them in your 72 hour kit, Office, Bunker, Bugout bag, Boat, car or truck.

Adventure Pro Zone offers various S.O.S. emergency food bars 1200 Kcal, 2400Kcal,1200Kcal and Millennium energy bars in 9 favours 400 Kcal each.

The SOS emergency food ration bars are US Coast Guard approved and are able to stand up to hot and cold temperatures. As such, they’re one of the best disaster foods on the market. Buy enough for the whole family today. You’ll be glad you did when disaster strikes.

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